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Our Story

            Prepaid Shark was founded in 2018 on the belief that you should get the most benefit from your cell phone plan while paying half the cost. Prepaid Shark prides itself on the ability to give our customers that most affordable plans with BIGGEST benefits. From unlimited international plans starting as low as $20.00 to truly unlimited data packages for under $50.00. We work hard behind the scene to make sure that you get the best deals in the market.

Our Mission Statement

            Prepaid Shark is on a mission to ensure that our customers get quality phone plans at an affordable price so you can spend your money on the things that you really want! We are excited to announce that, thus far, we are able to get you the most affordable data packages in the market. To ensure that you pay the lowest prices possible so we have significantly reduced your first month payment.

 We promise to work day and night to get you the best deals on your prepaid wireless plan!

Shop with us to get the benefits of :

  •  Runs on America’s Most Trusted Network

            We are able to provide our customers with phone plans that run on America’s trusted network, AT&T and T-Mobile.  You can feel comfortable knowing that your service will meet your expectations.

  • Save More Money

         Our plans are significantly cheaper than our competitors. We are able to provide our customers you with unlimited talk, text and data for as little as $30.00 per month! Plus, we offer a significant first month discount on all SIM cards and month plans.

  • Stay Connected with Loved Ones

           Prepaid Shark gives you the ability to stay connected with loved ones both near and far. Prepaid Shark features unlimited                   nationwide and international calling to 75+ countries.

Our Company Mascots

           You will meet our Shark Team Chase, his girlfriend Finley and his best friend Butch. They love hanging around each other and have fun. They will tell you their stories at sea in their fun way. Do not forget to catch Prof.Chase.

          Chase :  Meet CHASE! The chillest shark you will ever know. He enjoys spending time catching waves and hanging out with his best friend, Butch, and Girlfriend Finley. And with all the money he saves shopping at Prepaid Shark, he is able to maintain his hobby of collecting bowling balls. He is also a part-time Professor and we call him Professor Chase.

          Finley : Meet FINLEY! The most adventurous shark you know! She enjoys traveling world

          Butch : Meet BUTCH! The coolest shark in the water. Butch is a ladies man that has all the right moves. Butch is the all star athlete with promise to go professional.

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