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 We offer FREE Prepaid SIM cards and you pay just for your monthly plan. Our Prepaid Plans give you Unlimited Talk and Text so you can connect with your loved ones around the world at anytime for an affordable price. We offer Smartphones and Cell Phone Accessories for lower price. Shop with us and save up to 40% on each Product you buy.

      What’s in it for me?

  •  Nationwide 4G LTE Network
  •  America’s most trusted Cell Phone Service Provider
  •  H2o Wireless Prepaid Plans offers AT&T Service Coverage
  •  Ultra Mobile SIM Cards Offers T-Mobile Service Coverage
  •  Unlimited Talk and Text to 75+ Countries
  •  Free Shipping
  •  No Activation Fee
  •  No Annual Contract
  •  No Credit Check
  •  Save up to 10% on Auto Recharge

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“Amazing deals and Excellent Service. “

Alexander Tatum

“I love the Sharks and their videos, They are so much fun to watch. I bought the SIM card for half the price than what it is sold for by other sellers and the SIM Card activation instructions was so handy and easy to follow. Customer service is great. I would definitely recommend Prepaid Shark to my friends. “

Lisa Smith

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